About Our Travel Package

Q1. Which travel packages do you have?

We can cover all over Japan. We have not only Tokyo, Osaka, Golden route, but also new destinations, such as Fukuoka packages and Shoryudo (Nagoya area) packages.

Q2. Do you have any season packages, such as Cherry blossoms and snow packages etc.?

Yes, we do. Let us arrange the tour according to your preference 😊

Q3. Can you send us your contract rate?

We are happy to share it with you. If you are travel agent, we will tell you ID to log in.

Q4. Can we ask for only airport transport / hotel arrangement / entrance ticket for Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan etc.?

Yes, we can. For hotel arrangement, please let us know more details, such as date, location and number of persons. We’ll suggest the best hotel for you.
Airport transfer, please check it out from here.
Ticket price, Check it here
Private Transfer, Check it here

Q5. Can you tell me the procedure after I confirm your quotation?

No documents are necessary. First, we make an invoice and send you by email or whatsapp. Next, after receiving an invoice, you will make a payment to us. When we confirm your payment, we begin to make an arrangement for your trip.

Q6. How can we make a payment?

Most customers pay by telegraphic transfer, but we can accept credit card. When you pay to us by credit card, you have to pay an additional charge as service fee (5%).

Q7. Can you tell me the cancel policy?

Please refer to the below chart below.

Duration Cancel Fee
After payment ~ 14 days before departure 50%
13 days ~ 7 days before departure 70%
6 days before departure ~ 100%

Q8. By when should I book with you?

There is no specific deadline for the booking. However, it would be preferable for you to let us know the details at least 1 week before so that we can make an arrangement.

Q9. Is your package only for Muslims?

No, it is not. Any customers, including non-customers are also welcomed!!

Q10. What is the minimum number of customers for the tour?

It is available from 1 person.

Q11. Do you have the rate for child?

Yes, we do. Please have a look at our package price.
For your information, in our policy we set the age as below.
Adult: from 12 years old.
Child: From 5 years to 11 years old.
Infant (under 2 years old) will be free of charge.

About Tour Arrangement

Q1. Can you arrange halal meals during our stay?

Yes, we can. We can look for and reserve halal menu or Muslim friendly menu in the area. However, depending on the areas, it is hard to arrange halal meals or Muslim friendly menus. In that case, we will arrange seafood, vegetable menus, or Japanese food that doesn’t contain any alcohol or pork. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
Check it here

Q2. Does your tour conductor speak English?

Yes, they do. For other languages, such as Malay, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc, please contact us in advance.

Q3. Is it possible for us to ask only breakfast so that we can choose lunch and dinner on our decision?

Yes, it is. We can suggest the restaurants and make a reservation for seats. Some customers bring packed foods from their home countries and have it. Our staff will take you to the halal or Muslim friendly restaurants.

Q4. Can you arrange a triple / connecting room for our family?

Yes, we can. Please let us know more details.

Q5. Can you arrange a hotel near Tokyo Disneyland?

Yes, we can. However, the price will be higher in the weekend, peak season and special event in Disneyland. Please make sure of it in advance.

During Your Stay

Q1. Can we change meals that are already reserved?

Yes, you can. However, it costs 100% cancellation fee after the reservation. You need to pay as an extra if it’s ok for you. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Cancellation Fee
Prior 7 days ~ 3 days 30% of the original price
Prior 2days ~ the day before 50% of the original price
On the day 100% of the original price

Q2. Can you tell me the emergency contact number during the tour?

Here is the number. +81 90 9174 6906 (Mr. Suzuki) or +81 80 9736-0073 (Ms. Manami). We mention it in the guidebook.

Q3. How much is the extension fee for the tour?

Extension Fee
Tour Conductor (English Speaker) +JPY 4,000/Hour
Private Coach (Passenger car) / Driver(English Speaker) +JPY 8,000/Hour
Private Coach (Bus) / Tour Conductor(English Speaker) +JPY 18,000/Hour

About Japan

Q1. When is the high season and low season in Japan?

In Japan, early May, end of July to end of August and end of the year has long holidays. It will be peak season. Whereas, from September through October and February are thought to be low season.

Q2. What is the famous souvenir in each area?

For example, since many customers from Malaysia want to buy T-shirts in Hard Rock cafe, we will take them there.
We can introduce other souvenir for you during the tour.

Q3. Can you tell us how to get a train?

When you take trains with your tour conductor, they will show you how to do it.

Q4. Is water in Japan drinkable?

Yes, it is. Some facility has watercooler. Don’t worry about it! However, in some places, such as in the bathroom, bullet train etc, it is not drinkable, so we don’t recommend.

Q5. Can you tell me how to get a taxi?

Your tour conductor will tell you how to get the taxi. In Japan, we cannot use Grab.
Please hand your up.

Q6. Is it possible for us to rent a car?

It is possible, but you need to have an international drivers’ license.
We will conduct it only upon the request.

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