▶ 1st June 2020. 1st June World Airports opening dates 🛬🛫 

(Data source quoted ICAO)

June 1, 2020 :Cyprus (Turkish side)

June 10,2020 :Bahrain 🇧🇭,Qatar 🇶🇦,Bulgaria 🇧🇬,Greece 🇬🇷

June 15,2020 :Japan 🇯🇵,Northern Macedonia 🇲🇰,Lithuania 🇱🇹,Hungary 🇭🇺,Poland 🇵🇱,Romania 🇷🇴,Serbia 🇷🇸,Germany 🇩🇪, Austria 🇦🇹,Azerbaijan 🇦🇿 ,Czech Republic 🇨🇿,Switzerland 🇨🇭

June 20,2020 :Netherlands 🇳🇱,Kazakhstan 🇰🇿

June 22,2020 :Albania 🇦🇱,Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇦,Denmark 🇩🇰,Estonia 🇪🇪,Finland 🇫🇮,South Korea 🇰🇷,Ireland 🇮🇪,Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬

July 1,2020 :Australia 🇦🇺,Belgium 🇧🇪,Belarus 🇧🇾,China 🇨🇳,Sweden 🇸🇪 ,Canada 🇨🇦,Colombia 🇨🇴,Kosovo 🇽🇰,Malaysia 🇲🇾,Moldova 🇲🇩,Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 ,Republic of Taiwan 🇹🇼,Turkmenistan 🇹🇲,Ukraine 🇺🇦,UAE first flight to Beirut airport

July 10,2020 :Indonesia 🇮🇩,India 🇮🇳,Pakistan 🇵🇰

July 15,2020 :Lebanon 🇱🇧,Jordan 🇯🇴,Latvia 🇱🇻,Norway 🇳🇴,Slovakia 🇸🇰,Algeria 🇩🇿,Morocco 🇲🇦,Philippines 🇵🇭,South Africa 🇿🇦,Georgia 🇬🇪 (only for Georgia City),UK 🇬🇧,Kuwait 🇰🇼,Libya 🇱🇾,Russia 🇷🇺

August 1,2020 :Iraq 🇮🇶 ,Iran 🇮🇷,Egypt 🇪🇬,Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦,Tunisia 🇹🇳 ,Sweat Baghdad 🇮🇶,Brazil 🇧🇷,Armenia 🇦🇲,France 🇫🇷,Spain 🇪🇸,Italy 🇮🇹

September 1,2020 :USA 🇺🇸 

▶ 22th May 2020. About Summer Festival 

Most of the Festival will be cancelled this summer.If you need more information, Please contact us anytime.

▶ 20th May 2020. Update about Corona Virus News

Japan to lift state of emergency for Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo this week
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▶ 18th May 2020. Regoland in Nagoya will Open from 22th May

Finally Regoland will open again!!!

▶ 15th May 2020. Japan to lift coronavirus state of emergency in 39 prefectures

we will start all step by steps.. Only some cities still close.please check below about details.
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▶ 13th May 2020. About World’s Best Airport in 2020

Haneda Airport in Japan was selected as the second best airport in the world. Narita Airport ranked 7th, Chubu International Airport ranked 8th, and Kansai International Airport ranked 10th regardless. All of Japan's major international airports were ranked in the top 10.
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▶ 12 May 2020. About Theme Park

Disneyland : Be closed until further notice. (New Area also not sure when will they open)

Universal Studio : Close From 29th Feb to 31th May

Regoland : Start from 22th May

Nagashima Spa Land : Be closed until further notice

Fuji Q Highland : Be closed until further notice

▶ 12 May 2020. About Alpine Route

Start From June

▶ 29th Apr 2020. coronavirus contact-tracing app

you will get this app and go out! for protecting yourself.
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